. . .

Yes . . .

You put the LED against the grass. Smoke came out of the first blade, then, before you even had the time to step back, a line of fire appeared in front of you. Looking behind this wall of fire, you could see the outline of a shadowy figure.


The table caught on fire, and after a few seconds the whole thing crumbled down. Everything that was on the table, the stones, the jewels, all of it got swallowed up by the flames.

Thank you. I . . . I feel a bit more like myself now. Don't move. I don't want you to look at me. [Run around the fire]

Close your eyes for me, yes? [Close your eyes]

You feel someone's fingertips on your forehead. And before you know it . . . [Breathe, you're fine]

Are you lost? It's . . too late now

This visit might result in: physical harm, mental scarring, loss of memories, loss of consciousness, lo

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