. . .

My friends say a lot of nice things

I've decided to record their sayings


I - On Christianity in the US

Mormons understand that there is a connection across different pantheons, and that those pantheons have a connection to space.

But they relate those things to Jews, not to Aryans.

Mormons make up the super-majority of Federal Agents in the US . . . and foreign missionaries out of America.

They spread Western culture and Jewish love wherever they go, and make sure it stays on top back at home.

You know how Judaism is passed maternally? Mormon girls force the white guys that they marry to convert.

You get a loving with in this life and as many kids as you can stand to make.

So why would you care if you just sold away your soul to the Moloch cult, right?

Mormons aren't the only ones. Some of the new age Protestant stuff also fell into this. Pentecostals . . . but right now, even Protestants are less zionized than this. Thing is . . . they're weaker.

Notice how Methodism and Anglicanism/Episcopalianism has been falling off bad? They've been falling into accepting the LGBT more, and breaking other biblical rules. Baptists are different because their base is largely made up of homophobes/transphobes. But they don't have very strong ties.

If the right weaknesses were exploited, I don't think they'd hold either.


II- On Abrahamic religions + Zoroastrianism & the Elements

In Abrahamic religions, fire is associated with God.

We can see that in the story of Moses & in how prophets are depicted with flames for heads in Islam.

Christians of many denominations light candles for the people they're praying for.

The idea of communicating with God through fire is obviously seen in Zoroastrianism.

Even in witchcraft, candles & fire is used to summon or manifest things.

Water, on the other hand, is associated with miracles and purification, especially in Christianity.

Baptisms are done in water, Jesus walked on water, He turned water into wine, he divided fish (& bread) among His people . . .

Jesus Himself is symbolised by a fish.

Water plays an important role in a lot of religions, though, such as hinduism, shintoism, & many many more where you have to wash yourself in some way in order to be allowed to worship.

Earth, especially in Judaism and Christianity, symbolises Man.

From ashes to ashes, which goes back to fire, but also evoques the idea of returning to the Earth.

It reminds me of how muslims oft pray barefoot. Hm . . .

Earth has an uncleanliness to it in Zoroastrianism, hence why bodies aren't buried, they're left high up in towers for the birds to feast on.

Or, in other places where there is no space for this, simply isolated from the earth.

The birds bring us to the last Element, which is Air.

The Holy Spirit is symbolised by a bird. Angels are depicted with wings, as they are God's messengers.

Air is reminiscent of Mercury, or Hermes, the Messenger. Hermes gave way for Hermeticism (Hermes Trismegistus, a combination of Hermes and Thoth).

Crows and doves appear in the Old Testament and take the roles of scouts for Noah.

Look at the bird-headed gods in Kemeticism . . . much to think about . . .


III - On Peace

When people die en masse, an entity is fed.

Nothing gets destroyed. Every action... you know how it goes.


Water goes to the clouds slowly, but rain can turn into floods.

Watch out for odd killings, and look out for excuses governments use to kill.

Peace is but the rest the Beast takes to digest its meal.