. . .

Sometimes, the thoughts in my head get all tangled up.

More often than not, I untangle them all wrong!

This results in odd conclusions, that I'd like to share here.

A lot of these don't make any sense.

Here's your cue to leave [Walk out]

. . .

monsters come from the ocean. salt kills GOD's creation.

ADAM & EVE simply grew up

we don't just have a soul, we also have our own song

i dreamt of another life. a whole day. i was younger. it ended at 23:45

your prayers sound like an " i told you so "; your words hang above me like a sword, while my own are stuck in my throat

you made yourself a golden scapegoat, molded like the idols of old

you gave it your hardened heart, a useless pebble, a starved seed with nowhere to grow

you asked me to count the stars just to hide them behind the clouds

you asked me to dig out sand just to pierce my tired hands

. . . sorry

one's last words should be a smile

"feast on the chaff and offal"

confession of DAMOCLES

time dilation in Mt. OLYMPUS

the deity CHRONOS isn't originally greek, but an import from the EAST. alternatively, the deity ZURVAN isn't persian, but . . .

had a dream i was pregnant with the next prophet then someone i know slashed my belly

was ABEL lonely in the afterlife?

before LENT i had a dream i was attacked by demons, i was so scared i prayed the rosary until they were all gone. they couldn't attack me. i was being tested

my brain is a graveyard

she gave him a rose and squeezed his hand on the thorns

i have a note from oct 2021 that says "she slightly jingles when she walks

i don't remember writing it but i later got the idea of adding bell sounds to a character in a game i'm working on

if it wasnt for that "baby on board" sticker she would've seen it coming (daydream)

. . .

There's something terribly wrong.

Can you hear me?


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