* * *

. . .

Well . . . you're quite the observant one

You made it.

You're REALLY far away from Baalbek now, you know? [Yes, I'm aware] [Stay silent]

No going back now.

You're standing in a meadow, far away from the heat of Heliopolis. The grass almost looks blue. The sky is clear, but there's no sign of the sun. You can't tell where the voice is coming from. You can see a wooden table a few feet away from you, with some things meticulously placed on it. Spiders and ants have already began to crawl on it, and you can see a scorpion making its way towards it between the tall blades of grass.

Are you willing to help me out with something? Here . . . [Take the candle]

Or . . . not? [Run away]

Are you lost? It's . . too late now

This visit might result in: physical harm, mental scarring, loss of memories, loss of consciousness, lo

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